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The Joan Manén album selected as “CD of the Month” by the 440 Clàssica magazine

The “Joan Manén: Diálogo, Belvedere, Trois Chansons” album was selected as “CD of the Month” (June 2018) by the 440 Clàssica magazine, which specializes in classical music.
The fifth CD of the Joan Manén series featuring songs and chamber music by the Barcelona-born composer and published by La mà de Guido is performed by Elisabet Franch, Júlia Farrés-Llongueras, Daniel Blanch, Helena Satue, Aida-Carmen Soanea, Romain Garioud and José Antonio Domené.
Selected as “CD of the Month” by the classical music magazine 440 Clàssica (June 2018).
Concert MEAM 5-2-17

CD “April Has Blossomed” Revista Sonograma (Marçal Borotau)

“… It is a recording to be savoured. The vocal brilliance and expansive singing of soprano Júlia Farrés-Llongueras, together with the meticulous piano playing of Daniel Blanch, regale us with a uniquely attractive rendition of these delicate and melancholic songs. Farrés-Llongueras and Blanch illustrate the dominant nature of the songs’ lyricism with an intentionally forceful tone. An interpretation which demonstrates the universal desire to project into a reality that normalizes our culture… ”
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CD “April Has Blossomed” Revista Melómano (Lucía Martín-Maestro Verbo)

“… The duo offers a flowing dialogue, with a carefully crafted sound down to the finest detail which captures the listener… The delicacy of Júlia Farrés-Llongueras’ approach and diction provides the texts with extraordinary intensity… “
Portada CD L'abril ha florit

CD “April Has Blossomed” - Revista Segarra

… The warm, appealing and expressive voice of soprano Júlia Farrés-Llongueras masterfully conveys the atmosphere of a past era and the music’s pure and transparent evocation of nostalgia, to the accompaniment of a constantly attentive pianist…